Control Your Clean Energy Future

Get reliable, scalable clean energy with the most powerful microgrid control system on the market today.

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Your business is too important to put your reputation at risk.

  • Does navigating a microgrid project seem overwhelming?
  • Is the complexity of microgrid technology holding you back?
  • Do you worry about diverting time and resources to a microgrid project?
  • Are you afraid of threatening other revenues streams by a new project that might go awry?
  • Do you want to avoid being left behind in the clean energy transition?

Microgrid deployment made easy

Easy to install

Our pre-engineered and fully integrated microgrid packages feature complete control systems that are ready-to-go — eliminating the need for any custom controls integration.

Versatile and Scalable

We’ve designed our Universal Microgrid Controller (UMC) to be the most versatile and configurable on the market today, allowing it to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of microgrid applications and architectures.  Bring us your challenge!

maximize customer value

Our proprietary dispatch optimization engine gives your customers the lowest possible overall cost of energy for their site while providing full reliability and energy security.

our flagship product


The Universal Microgrid Controller® (UMC)  is a fully-integrated microgrid monitoring and control system that orchestrates the operation of a wide variety of power system components including wind turbines, photo-voltaic arrays, diesel generators, secondary loads, and energy storage devices.

  • Drop-in Deployment — fast and easy to deploy with minimal customization
  • Controls microgrids using up to 100% renewable energy
  • Highly-scalable, flexible and extensible — can be adapted as your microgrid configuration changes
  • Cybersecure — uses a dedicated microgrid computer network with multi-layer password protection, encrypted data, VLANs for traffic segregation, firewalls and smart switches
  • “Self-healing” microgrid — maintains system integrity, reliability and stability should a power generation source go off-line
  • Automated data logging and trending
  • Remote microgrid monitoring, (ensures long-term ability to support and upgrade the microgrid, even in distant locations)
  • Powerful dispatch optimization engine ensures lowest lifecycle cost of energy
  • Intuitive operator interface

experience you can trust

We know how hard it can be to navigate a microgrid project. Your financial resources and reputation are on the line. Our engineers and project managers can guide the process of deploying your microgrid projects as smooth as possble.  We have been involved in the design and deployment of microgrids since 1996.  These projects run the gamut from remote off-grid village and island microgrids to customer-facing behind-the-meter commercial microgrids to utility-owned grid-supporting solar+storage systems.  So relax and let our decades of experience and diverse expertise smooth the way for you, too.


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